Our Firm

Three attorneys, spanning three generations, with more than 55 years of combined experience, work hard to make sure all parties are accountable for their actions. 

Our firm can help with a wide range of issues affecting people in South Carolina. The firm's focus is mainly in real estate and consumer law, in both prosecuting and defending matters involving debt collection, foreclosure, clearing property title actions, and zoning conflicts, among others. Where disputes arise between individuals, the firm can assist to make sure truth prevails and justice is served.  

Sometimes disputes occur instantly with no time to prepare. If you are injured in an accident or through the actions of another person or business, our firm can provide representation to make sure that person or company is held accountable. Our firm has obtained several money judgments and favorable settlements for those injured by the misdeeds of another. The firm has also defended lawsuits against companies and individuals. To our experienced litigators, no one is above the law.    

Despite constitutional protections, your rights are always one government-overstep away from being taken from you. When your rights have been violated, our firm can help. The firm has brought lawsuits against government based on free speech violations, false arrest claims, and freedom of information violations. The firm has represented those accused of crimes by government. If your rights are in jeopardy, our firm can help.