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Freedom of Information (FOIA)

​Democracies wither and may eventually die when the citizenry is unable to learn the activities of government officials. Citizens have the right to access public records and attend public meetings at the state and federal levels. Violations of these statutory rights not only impair government transparency for everyone but also give citizens the right to sue the government for redress.  

If you have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to a governmental entity (including school boards, some utility providers, and convention-visitors bureaus) and that entity has ignored or refused to provide you information, HR&S can sue them on your behalf to force the disclosure of information.


If you have attended a public meeting of a governmental entity and that entity failed to notify the public of the meeting, failed to post an agenda prior, or went behind closed doors during the meeting for an improper purpose, HR&S can help.


Contact us today and let HR&S start the process with an initial consultation.

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