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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The hallmark of our firm's service is the relentless representation of our client's needs. Our clients rely on our industry-specific experience and depth of internal resources to help them achieve their goals. Below provides a blueprint of the areas of law, in which Harrison, Radeker & Smith often works.

Practice Areas

Property Law


The issues involved in land litigation can be complicated and confusing, let our experienced team of attorneys help. The firm boasts a former judge who presided over a court that handled real estate cases almost exclusively.

If you need assistance with issues pertaining to clearing title on land, partitioning property, or foreclosure,  we're here for you.

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Legal issues don't always fit neatly into a defined practice area. If you need someone to represent you in court, HR&S is here for you. 

The firm has represented people who have been injured by the actions of others, those who have had to spend money to return to normalcy, and even people who made mistakes resulting in alleged harm to another.



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​A court decision at trial is not necessarily the final adjudication of a citizen’s rights. In South Carolina, citizens have the right to an initial appeal of an adverse court decision.


HR&S has experience handling appeals at numerous levels: circuit court, S.C. Court of Appeals, S.C. Supreme Court, and the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Not every transaction creates a good working relationship. If someone is seeking payment of a debt they claim you owe, you need to enforce a payment obligation, among other issues, the firm can help.  

The firm is proud to offer the services of one of the most well-respected foreclosures and collection defense attorneys in South Carolina.

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The U.S. Constitution says that the religious worship, speech, and rights to assemble and petition of each citizen must be free from government intrusion.


If the government is intruding into your rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, our firm can help with any legal issues that may come up.

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The internet has an unprecedented and increasingly important place in our daily lives; however, it poses a unique combination of legal issues.


Internet law encompasses intellectual property law, privacy issues, contract law, First Amendment issues, and a wealth of other fields.

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​Sometimes government action results in injury to a person's rights as a citizen of this country. When the government abuses its power and harms your rights, HR&S can help. 

The firm has sued the government on behalf of persons falsely detained, arrested for protesting, and even trying to marry, among others. 

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​Democracies wither and may eventually die when the citizenry is unable to learn the activities of government officials.


Citizens have the right to access public records and attend public meetings at the state and federal levels. Violations of these statutory rights not only impair government transparency for everyone but also give citizens the right to sue the government for redress. 

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Ideas are integral to our society—so integral that our Constitution gave Congress the authority to protect them.


Intellectual property law encompasses four areas: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

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