Practice Areas

The hallmark of our firm's service is the relentless representation of our client's needs.
Because our representation is tailored to our client's needs, sometimes it strays from neat categorization. 
Below provides a blueprint of the areas of law, in which Harrison & Radeker, P.A. often works.
Property Law


The issues involved in land litigation can be complicated and confusing, let our experienced team of attorneys help. The firm boasts a former judge who presided over a court that handled real estate cases almost exclusively.

If you need assistance with issues pertaining to clearing title on land, partitioning property, or foreclosure, among others, H&R can help. 



Civil Litigation

Sometimes a legal issue doesn't fit neatly into a defined practice area. If you need someone to represent you in court, H&R can help. 

The firm has represented people who been injured by the actions of others, those who have had to spend money to return to normalcy, and even people who made mistakes resulting in alleged harm to another.     


Consumer Law


Not every transaction creates a good working relationship. If someone is seeking payment of a debt you they claim you owe, you need to enforce a payment obligation, among other issues, the firm can help.  

The firm is proud to offer the services of one of the most well-respected foreclosure and collection defense attorneys in South Carolina. 


Criminal Law

Few things can be more stressful on a person than the possibility of serving time in prison or jail. Our firm can help to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Hiring an attorney from H&R makes sure all facts about your case are explored and presently fairly by the government.  

Media/Internet Law


The U.S. Constitution says the speech of citizens must be free from government intrusion. If you are a member of the media, or publish independently to the Internet, the firm can help with legal issues that come up.   

One of the firm's attorneys represents both newspapers around the state and persons seeking information from government under South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act



Civil Rights

Sometimes government action results in injury to a persons rights as a citizen of this country. When the government abuses its power and harms your rights, H&R can help. 

The firm has sued government on behalf of persons falsely detained, arrested for protesting, and even trying to marry, among others.